Young Business Minds for Africa @YBM4A

Many startup and entrepreneurship focused events have so many requirements and restrictions. Some of them you cannot even enter without having a registered business.
How does one influence and encourage young people into entrepreneurship if they have never been involved in it, without exposing them to the idea and the actual experiences?

The idea of YBMA is to create a platform that can jumpstart, develop kickstart any young entrepreneur passionate in their craft without asking for too much. We want to create an environment that allows young people to be able to find themselves and their passions because the sooner they do the sooner they can begin a journey to entrepreneurial success.

YBMA is an incubator and a strategic partner to developing and established startups. It is a platform for the young people to crystallise ideas get mentorship and open windows of opportunity to find establishment, success in ideas that will empower and benefit the people of Africa.  Its mandate is to educate empower and uplift the youth especially school leavers in presenting an alternative to finding employment and conceptualise ideas that can create employment for others. We want to create a platform to source the best talent and provide the sufficient grooming and mentorship for our entrepreneurs to perform at their best.

We want to attract Cyclebreakers, people that will change the lives of generations to come. We are not limited to entrepreneurship but offer a holistic approach to becoming a leader and a better person who positively influences and inspires other young people to be great. 

Beletso (PTY) LTD

Beletso is a business to business solution offering courier services operating in the last mile delivery service. Meaning that the company does not have a standalone website or ordering facility. The business will earn revenue from creating and servicing other businesses courier and last mile delivery needs.

The company is one of the few that is looking to actively uplift the township economy by offering our services in esteemed townships  and doing it well. Our ethos is to offer efficient timeous deliveries which are also flexible and allow the customer to choose their time of delivery. 

The plan is to split the business in two, to form a commercial company that services other ecommerce startups in the food, clothing retail space and other consumables. This side of the company will operate under the name Tsamaya in motion. Tsamaya is a sotho word for go.
The other side of the business will focus on servicing corporate entities. We have seen the need for an innovative courier service in the corporate space. Especially in government were there are no real innovative courier services.

This company currently employs 10 full time drivers, has been making a profit from the first week of operation and it has been recently selelcted as part of the top 60 businesses in the Tshwane Youth Entrepreneurship Drive (YED).

Bots-Technologies (PTY) LTD

Many challenges face the African continent and in the midst of the many solutions available Bots Technologies wants to focus on taking a technological approach to creating solutions.

Bots-Technologies is an umbrella company to many innovative Tech ideas and offerings. The company’s main focus is on broad ICT research and development that aims to disrupt traditional markets by offering streamlined e-commerce solutions. That will serve to empower South African communities and markets.

In the short term the company aims to create access to funds and develop streamlined e-commerce solutions based on research and findings. Develop applications and solutions that make daily living of the modern African easy. Develop multiple streams of revenue to allow for research and development. To create offerings

Long term plans include critical research of blockchain and how it can provide improve life on Africa and find ways to offer it commercially. 

The company is a 100% black owned sole proprietorship. 

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